SF Pretrial Loves Our City

SF Pretrial is proud to partner with the SF Department of Public Works to help keep our city safe, clean and beautiful. Our Project 20 program was recently highlighted as part of their Valentine’s #LoveOurCity campaign. Check out the video and learn about our great work from our very own Devin Jones and Sharon Rose.

4 Comments on “SF Pretrial Loves Our City

  1. Hello, i have 16 hrs needed to complete and was wondering if i could complete them with you guys.

    • Hello Nikko, my apologies for the late response, do you still need to complete your hours?

  2. Hi there, I need to complete 4 hours of Community Service for a traffic citation. Can I complete that through your program? I’m not sure what the proper steps are to complete.

    • Hello Shiloh, one of my co-workers will be in touch shortly.

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