David Mauroff
Chief Executive Officer

Our Board

Betsy Wolkin
David Amarathithada
Geri Green

“After working alongside San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project in a variety of contexts for more than 30 years, I decided to become a member of the Board. Through my work, I’ve become keenly aware of the organization’s commitment to promoting better outcomes for San Francisco and its residents through the empowerment of communities and strategic partnering with institutions and government agencies. I look forward to further promoting their work dismantling the structural racism inherent in our criminal justice system through evidence-based and anti-racist solutions and implementing systems to democratize access to justice and Alternative Dispute Resolution.”

Philip Jones

“I became a SF Pretrial Diversion client in early 2014, and the care and services I received truly made a difference in my journey within the criminal justice system. As I navigated obstacles to overcome homelessness and begin recovery, having Pretrial’s support truly made a difference in my early success. Now that I have been able to focus on my education, and make an impact for others navigating the criminal justice system in San Francisco, I see that the majority of my clients face many of the same circumstances that I did. To me, a seat on the Board of Directors allows me to implement not only my life experience, but also what I have learned from being a provider of services. I hope to be able to continue helping others, and learn how SF Pretrial can develop strategies to continue to be an asset to San Francisco’s community.”

Jimmy Loyce

“My relationship to SF Pretrial goes back 40+ years and I was recruited for the Board by Kate Monico Klein and Nancy Rubin. I have had a reciprocal relationship of referrals to and from SF Pretrial. We share a belief in bail reform and placing those arrested in the least restrictive environment.”

Doc Patel

“I crossed paths with SF Pretrial while volunteering as a Neighborhood Courts adjudicator and was attracted to the Pretrial Board to join hands and collaborate on our efforts to serve the community and social justice programs.”

Carlos Serrano-Quan

“I want to make an impact with an organization protecting public safety that can demonstrate best practices in criminal justice and scale its services in a humane way.”

Tamara Walker

“I decided to join the SF Pretrial board because I think being a part of the change and impact is so important—to be a voice for the people is what I try to be.”