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The San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project provides the following programs and services: 

Assertive Case Management (ACM)

Program for intensive needs clients with selected felony and misdemeanor cases referred by the Courts. Connects clients with long-term community-based resources for substance use, mental health, education and employment. Provides outreach and escort services.

Own Recognizance (OR)

Facilitates Probable Cause review and pretrial release by collecting and presenting criminal history summaries, incident reports, and a PSA at the pre-arraignment and arraignment stages of the case.

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Neighborhood Courts (NCT)

In partnership with the District Attorney’s Office and the community, this program utilizes a restorative justice model to give residents the opportunity to resolve non-violent and misdemeanor crimes in local neighborhood settings.

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Pretrial Diversion (PTD)

Allows first-time misdemeanor arrestees the opportunity to participate in a diversion program. These programs can include education, substance abuse, counseling, community service, and victim restitution. If the program is successfully completed, charges are dismissed.

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Street Environment Services Program (SESP)

In partnership with DPH, this program involves city beautification and graffiti removal projects.

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Projects 20/22

These clients are referred from Traffic Court to perform community service in lieu of fines and traffic tickets.

Since January 2016, 834 clients have had their cases successfully adjudicated through NCT
87% monthly appearance rate
90% quarterly safety rate

Release Program Distribution

Since May 2016, 566 clients have had their cases dismissed through PTD

Building on 42 Years of Experience

Decrease Jail Population

Expand Second Look Program
For defendants who remain in custody post-arraignment, we interview and assess clients so that they can be released and connect with individualized community resources.

Bench Warrant Returns
For all defendants arrested for pretrial failure to appear, we provide criminal history information to the Courts to provide expanded information to inform release decision.

Decrease Recidivism

Client Support Post-case Disposition
For clients in need of supportive case management beyond court mandated services to increase long-term success

Local Agency Service Coordination
For all defendants released pretrial, we work with other city agencies to remove barriers to services, actively prevent service duplication, and track outcomes.

Partnership Development

Outcomes Dashboard
Build a measurement tool for judges and other stakeholders to measure impact

Pretrial Services
Continue San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project’s role as a neutral non-profit service provider, content and implementation expert